Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Long Awaited June GlossyBox.

So as the most of you have probably heard what Glossy Box is, I'm only going to give you a quick brief description of what this is... Well the Glossy Box is a monthly subscription of £10 a month (£12.95 from September) where they claim to send 5 high end luxury samples straight to your door. (A similar concept to the Birch Box which they get in America)

Their first box was sent out in May and they were extremely smart to send out the boxes to a few 'beauty gurus' on YouTube- most of them which I watch regularly- maybe I'll do another post on my favourites another time. Their first box contained the famous brand Nars, the illuminator I think, so I for one, jumped straight onto the band-wagon and subscribed, and I was quick enough to receive the June box.

When I knew they were sending out the box, I was so excited and couldn't wait for the box! the doorbell rang and I ran for the door- I was REALLY excited! So I opened it ever so quickly and here i've got photos of what came in my box. (Others have received different products which I was a little bummed about, but anyhoo, life must go on)

 This is what the glossy box comes in and all the products in the box. It is VERY well packaged and I will defiantely be re-using the pink box for storing birthday cards/photos/memories etc.
 The first product I recieved was the Batiste Dry Shampoo: I personally haven't used this particular one (original), but I have got 2 other 'scents': Tropical and Blush. Batiste really are good products- life savers especially for me when I don't have time to wash my hair in the mornings when I've got work at 7 in the morning. All you have to do with this product is spray it in the roots and rub it in with your fingers- simple & quick.
However, I do feel a little bit ripped-off as this isn't a high end product and could easily be brought from high street shops like Boots or Superdrug.

 The Bioeffect EGF serum claims to improve the appearance of skin by encouraging skin cells to repair themselves. I've been using this ever since I got this in the post. I wash my face with my cleanser, pat my face dry and then apply a couple of drops onto my face every night. When I wake up, my face feels plump and moisturised. 
This sample retails for £30: too pricey for my bank account, but it's nice to make to most of it while i've got it. This can be brought online from the actual website and I think there are a couple of samples getting sold on eBay.

This is another product that I haven't used yet- the Abahna Shower Gel. The scent is a little 'herbey' but I do like it! Surprisingly! I can't really give you a review on this as I haven't used it. 
I know you can purchase this online and at TKMaxx and Homesense. I'm not sure where else you'll be able to buy this product from.

 The unamed OPI nail polish is the one I was MOST excited about- after all, I am a nail polish junkie. AND I've never used an OPI nail polish so was doubley excited. You do need 2 coats of this but it is gorgeous and doesn't feel 'grainey' when it's on your nail (as it's a glittery polish)- which is a positive!
You can buy OPI nail polishes online and at Salons.

This perfume is a decent sized sample size! It comes in a clean and fresh packaging which I love most about this product. The scent is a little too 'mature' for my liking, I'm more of a swet and floral perfume lover. (my faveourite perfume being the Givenchy Very Irresistible) I'll be giving this perfume to my mum: I did say it was a mature scent.. :)

Ps. I hope you all enjoyed. ♥

Pss. I'm not affiliated with Glossy Box nor any products mentioned. Opinions are my own and super honest. ♥

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  1. Hi, i saw your post on luuux and found out you're a new blogger, just like me. I liked your post, so i'm following you. OPI nail polishes are the best i've ever tried