Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mascara Reviews: The Good & The Bad

It's 20:45 and I fancied blogging about something that may be helpful to those trying to find a good mascara.
For me, it's hard to find a mascara that actually does your lashes justice- or one that you are absolutely happy with and one that you will want to repurchase again and again.

So today I'm going to be reviewing for you 5 mascaras- 4 Rimmel ones and a Maybelline one. (because they are the only ones that I currently own- minus an MUA clear mascara which I will be reviewing in my MUA make-up review/swatch blog post soon)

Before I go through the products, I do want to say this: everyone's eyelashes and preferences for mascara are different, so just because I may 'like' or 'dislike' a mascara doesn't mean another person will have the same opinion as me. And I suppose I should tell you what my eyelashes are like: they are curly (I don't need eyelash curlers) and longish (thank god).

So here's the juicy part:

 Starting with my least liked product- Rimmel's Lash Accelerator mascara. The wand uses traditional bristles with a twist (not shaped traditionally). It apparently has 'lash growth complex' which make your lashes 'longer': so I purchased it, used it for a week and surprisingly, I do THINK my lashes looked a little longer. However, the formula is just too watery/thinner consistency than my other mascaras and doesn't really make my eyelashes look thicker, just makes them look like thin spider legs- definitely not a good look for me! This mascara now sits in my makeup draw as I don't use it anymore.
The Verdict: I would not buy this product again.
Score: 2/5

  Next up is the Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Mascara. Well my first impressions of this mascara weren't good to say the least- I used it once, didn't like it, so I didn't use it for a while. And then randomly I decided to use it again and was actually quite impressed with how it made my eyelashes look! The wand has a pretty small 'head' and has traditional bristles. This mascara spread out my lashes and made them look natural (with a bit of volume). I think this mascara is good for anyone who already has naturally long lashes and just wants that 'extra kick'.
The Verdict: I would not buy this again.
Score: 3/5
 Here we have the Rimmel Max Bold Curves Mascara. This product had the exact same first impressions as the 1-2-3 Looks one: I didn't like it. And it actually has the same story I just realised- So I won't bore you with writing practically the same thing as above and I'll just go straight into the verdict and score...
The Verdict: I would not buy this again.
Score: 3/5

  Here we have my favourite mascara!! The Rimmel Sexy Curves in Intense Black. This mascara has a very different wand- it has silicone bristles and it's basically 3 balls attached to one another.. and to be honest with you, I wasn't expecting anything from this mascara. However, it makes my eyelashes look fuller, thicker AND more 'volumous'! What more could you want?? This mascara makes my eyes look more wide awake and bigger and it just does so much that I can easily say that i would DEFINITELY recommend this mascara to anyone and everyone. Oh, and you always know when a product is doing you justice when you receive lots of compliments while wearing it!
The Verdict: I would definitely buy this product again!!
Score: 5/5

 The last and the most recent release is the Maybelline One by One mascara. This brush is a very comfortable sized brush- the bristles are made from silicone. Well this mascara comes second in my mascara review! It claims to give you 'lashes you didn’t know you had, clean, clump-free volume, instantly!' and it does exactly that! I love it when a product does 'exactly what it says on the tin'! 
The Verdict: I would repurchase this product!
The Score: 4/5

Ps. I hope you all enjoyed. :) ♥
Pss. I am not affiliated with any of the products mentioned above.

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  1. i never tried a rimmel mascara before, i'll try sexy curves :)