Thursday, 1 September 2011

MUA- Heaven and Earth Palette: Review & Swatches.

I'm sure there are plenty of reviews on this product, but I thought I'd do my own- never hurts to have too many hey. ;)

So I purchased this at the beginning of August and didn't actually use this until a couple of days ago for Eid. (reason being it was Ramadan and I feel a little demotivated to wear more than eyeliner) (Oh and I will be doing an Eid blog post when I get the canon back from the bro in law) but anyhoo, the review is what you all want..

So this palette cost me just £4.00- and it was free delivery too which is an added bonus! (my local superdrug don't stock these palettes or any of the professional range- only the £1 items unfortunately otherwise I'd be purchasing more from their range)

 This palette comes with 12 shimmery neutral shades. 
There is 9.6 grams of product in this palette.

 Swatches for the top row from left to right.
(no primer was used when swatched)

 Bottom row. Left to Right.
(no primer was used before swatching)

Now, as mentioned above, I wanted to do a proper review- and when I say proper review, I mean I wanted to really put this to the test. A couple of days ago, my Eid celebrations took place and my dress was simple, so I wanted a neutral eye and this palette was perfect!
I was a little worried that the eyeshadow wouldn't last for very long so I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion and it stayed on for HOURS! I applied my make up at around 9ish in the morning and then got home at around half 11 in the night and the eyeshadow was still looking good! It wasn't as 'tidy' as when I first applied it, but it lasted a longer time than I thought it was going to- a lot of the credit does go to the UDPP I must admit, but non the less. I still love this palette!
The packaging isn't great- but it's an inexpensive product so i'm not complaning!

All the shadows are shimmery- so if you don't like shimmery this is defiantly not for you. However if you do then I'd recommend it to you in a heartbeat! Grab this if you ever see it in your store or click here to see it online.
Ps. they have other palettes too!

 This palette gets a THUMBS UP.

Hope you all enjoyed ♥

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