Saturday, 13 August 2011

DIY Nail Polish Stand.

My nail varnish collection has accumulated quite a lot and until now, I haven't stuck to one storage system.. at first they used to fit into a little storage box, but it got bigger, so I had to move it- I lined them up on my shelves- but then my collection got bigger so I put in in a huge cardboard box, but that idea didn't work at all- it was difficult finding the nail polish that I wanted. So I decided to get a little creative and get my DIY mode into gear and as nail polish stands are just a tad too expensive for what they are- I decided to make my own!

My parents brought my sister some shelves that she decided not to use and didn't want. So I decided to convert the shelves into a nail polish rack. (with a little help from my dad)

I didn't take photos step by step as it was a little difficult- but the photos I've taken hopefully show the basics of what I used and how I created my nail polish rack/stand.

What you need to create your own nail polish rack :
  • Pieces of wood (I converted a shelf- but I'm sure you could get strips of wood from DIY stores like B&Q)
  • Screws
  • Screw Driver
  • Drill
  • Drill bits (not sure what you call them- that's where my dad came in)
  • Butches (those plastic things you put into the wall when you're screwing something into the wall)
  • Hammer
These are the shelf pieces I used- I only ended up using 2 'slabs'.. i will probably have to make another one though. :\
So with another shelf 'slab' I took apart the strips of wood with a hammer as this was the easiest way to get them off.
This is what it'll look like half way through the 'pulling off' process..
After a bit of measuring to see where I wanted the levels of the shelves, my dad screwed them into place with a cordless drill.
My dad also added 2 strips to the sides to secure it a little more and then drilled the stand onto my wall-  I decided to place it near my desk as it'll be a lot more convenient especially when I want to do different nail art designs on each of my nails!
So this is what it looks like with the nail polishes. LUCKILY all of my nail polishes fit on the shelf.. I will have to make another one very soon if I carry on buying more polishes! 

I organised the polishes in order of brand- cause i thought that'd be the best way to do it- instead of doing it in colour order- would have looked a little mumble jumbled!

I hope this gave you guys a few ideas as to how you'd want to store your polishes!

Hope you enjoyed! ♥

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