Thursday, 11 August 2011

Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial & How To.

For me, wearing nail polish reflects the mood I'm in.. if I'm feeling happy I'd paint them with bold colourful colours- and to be honest with you, you will very rarely see me with just one colour on my nails. I just LOVE designs. Of course it's a little challenging doing it on my right hand- times like these when I wish I was ambidextrous!

Well the nail design I'm going to show you is pretty simple and fun and one of my recent favourites- I'm sure it'll be yours pretty soon too!

All you need : 
  • White Polish (I used 'Natural White' by George)
  • A few colourful nail polishes of your choice (I used, from left to right (ish) in one of the pictures below- 'Green Grass' by Rimmel, Sure Promise- 'Blue', 'Yellow' & 'Purple', 'Princess' from the Girls Aloud collection and 'Laura' by MeMeMe)
  • A dotting tool (I brought these off of eBay for really cheap) (you can use a toothpick, the end of a hair grip)
  • Back Nail Polish (I used Rimmels 'Black Satin')
  • A top coat (I used Sally Hansens 'Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat')
 Let's get down to the tutorial..

Step 1 : Paint all of your nails white- I did 2 coats to get that solid white colour.

I used this sized dotting tool..

... And with these colourful nail polishes...

Step 2 : You want to create RANDOM dots- don't put them into perfect lines! And you don't have to use every colour on every nail.

Step 3 : With the smaller end of the dotting tool, you want to outline the dots with a black nail polish. Now, you don't want to do a full circle around the dots, instead you want to do 2 lines around it- 2 semi-circles without joining them up!

Step 4 : Apply a top coat and you're done! :D

Let me know if you try this nail design out.

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