Monday, 8 August 2011

Waterfall Braid Tutorial - Wear it Down or Up.

Hey Girlies. Today I'm going to be showing you how I do the waterfall braid.. It was a little difficult taking the photos myself, but I hope it helps! My hair is super dark, so it may be a little difficult to see in comparison to lighter hair- I am going to explain it word to word to the best of my ability! :)

Good Luck! & here it is..

Important : Arm position! I know you may not think it's important, but this is the best and easiest way that I found. Place one arm round the back of your head and the other in the front (as shown in the image below).

Click on the images to make them larger- that way you'll be able to see each step better! :)

 Step 1 : Grab a section of hair and split it into 3 sections.

 Step 2 : Braid the hair a couple of times.. (2 full braids)

Step 3 : To the top section, add some 'new' hair and braid into the middle.

Step 4 : Drop the bottom section (make sure not to add this piece back into the braid- this is what creates the 'waterfall effect'!)

Step 5 : Grab a 'new' section of hair that you haven't already used in the braid.
Then braid the new section into the middle.

You want to carry on doing this... So lets repeat it.. add a new section of hair to the top section and braid that into the middle.. Then drop the bottom section, grab a new piece of hair, and braid that into the middle.. keep doing this until you get to...

The back of your hair should look like this.

 Step 6 : You want to just braid downwards and secure it with a rubber band (preferably the same colour as your hair, but i only had a yellow one, so I used that).

 So this is the finished look!

Now, I personally prefer to wear my hair up when it's hot and humid, so this is what I've created- and it's easy!

You start off with the waterfall braid..

 Step 1 : Gather your hair

 Step 2 : 'Roll it' towards your head. Start at the ends of your hair, rolling it upwards and inwards.

 Step 3 : Secure with hair grips and secure any stray hairs or bumps that may have popped up during the process.

Voila.. your hair should look like this! :)

Hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! ♥


  1. Oh, this looks so cool! thanks for the tutorial!**

  2. thank you Liria! hope you can try it some time! :D