Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blazema 1 Day Course : Short Review

Hey lovely ladies, I hope you're all feeling fabulous despite the drop in temperatures!

I just wanted to write a little review on a day course that I went to : Blazema (29-01-2012). For those of you who haven't heard of this organisation, they basically offer short and long courses in hair and makeup- from basic courses to more advanced. I found this course on Groupon- the price for these courses are originally £300 but Groupon were offering them for only £29! Saving a LOT of money so i decided to enrol!

Their website looked great as did their emails that they sent prior to the class, however it wasn't what I expected, I expected them to hold the class in one of their studios however it was at the Holiday Inn in Bristol- in a conferencing suite! But I didn't mind that so much. They had around 20 of us and only the one make up artist. She was lovely and she really did go through the basics, from daytime hair and make up to evening hair and make up. We were all paired up and had to style each other so it was good in the sense that we could practise on others as we're always going to have the chance to practise on ourselves.

This is where it all went downhill.. If you're like me and watch You Tube videos then you REALLY will have learnt EVERYTHING that was on that course!! I'm trying to think of what I actually learnt but unfortunately, i really can't!

Furthermore, (i know I said this review was going to be short but I feel like i need to mention everything I'm writing) when I purchased the voucher on Groupon, they stated that they were going to give us a goody bag containing MAC products.. oh no no no no.. instead we all received Rimmel and Collection 2000 products! I know! these products aren't even comparable to MAC! I'm guessing they brought the goody bag items from poundland because I've seen them there on numerous occasions- it was a MASSIVE letdown!!

I do want to mention something positive- They did give us a certificate which was great! (I see it as I paid the £29 for the certificate)

I personally wouldn't recommend this class to anyone who knows anything about makeup, if you don't have a clue on ANYTHING about make up then yeah sure this would be good for you. (but at £300 I really wouldn't!!)

Overall Grade : E-

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