Friday, 20 January 2012

How I ReUse My GlossyBoxes.

Glossy Box boxes are brilliant quality boxes that you'd end up paying a few quid for- they're perfect for storing SO many different things such as cards, photos, stationary but I'm going to show you what I store in mine. Oh and they'd also be perfect for gift boxes- the black shredded tissue that comes inside the box would be great too- oh I do love recycling.

As you see in the above photos I like to store my perfumes, my hair brushes in the lid of a Glossy Box, jewellery, bangles (they fit really well- and the lid fits back on the box which is great- I stack the ones with my jewellery in them- on top of each other, and put them on my shelf), my nail things and also my hair accessories. I forgot to photograph one of the other things I use them for.. I use the lid of one of my glossy box to keep my 'every day' make up in and leave that on my dressing table. :)

So how do you recycle yours? ♥

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