Monday, 23 January 2012

How To: Tissue Pom Poms

I ♥ Tissue Pom Poms!

They're so easy to make and SO pretty to hang up! I saw these while I was looking through Pinterest and decided to Google them and learn how to make them. So here's a little tutorial on how I make mine..

You Will Need :
  • Some tissue paper (I brought mine from Card Factory, cost my 99p for 10 sheets 50cm x 75cm) (Do not use Gold as one side of the tissue is gold but the other side is a 'dirty cream')
  • Pair of scissors (make sure they're sharp)
  • Thread

As the tissue was too big for the size that I wanted, I cut the tissue in half as you can see above. You want to keep all 10 sheets together! Some people use 8 sheets but I prefer the look with 10 sheets. :)
You then want to create folds- like a fan. I made each fold about an inch wide.
After you have folded the whole group of tissue, you want to fold it in half to mark the half way point- there's no need to mark it with a pen.
You then want to tie a piece of thread at the half way point- I like to knot it around 3 times just to secure it in place!
You then want to cut a shape on each end- Mine look a little unsymmetrical but it doesn't really matter as you'll see in the last couple of photos.
After that's done you want to start pulling apart very gently each piece of tissue, ensuring they're as close to the centre as you can get it!
(Note. I forgot to cut off the ends which is why you can see it straight, I then had to go back and cut them off)
You want to make sure you gently peel off the right side first and then the left side, don't peel off the tissue on just one side first.
As I used 10 sheets, I only separated 5 sheets. (If you're using 8, you only want to separate 4.. if you're using 12, you want to separate 6 etc etc..) After you have separated the 5 sheets of tissue on each side, you want to flip it over and start separating them again.
After each tissue has been separated, and you've shuffled the tissue around to make it look full, your pom pom should look a little like this!
These are the ones I've made over the past couple of days and I am in love! The purple ones are smaller as I decided to cute the purple tissue into quarters! I stuck them on with a bit of string and sellotape and as they're not heavy you don't want to use too much sellotape..

 Oh they are a little time consuming but SO worth it! These can be used for parties and even weddings (using cream preferably maybe?) You can also make these pom poms in whatever coloured tissue that you find!

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