Thursday, 19 January 2012

Nail Of The Day

I haven't painted my nails in absolutely ages and I was on my way to Bristol so decided to paint my nails on the train! (there's a first for everything) and as always, time was running at us so I grabbed any polish I could and to my surprise I am in love with the colour I chose! It's by Nails Inc and it was one of their limited edition polishes that came in Fabulous magazine I believe- it's in the colour OMP. It's a bright pink and this spring and summer we're going for the bright colours so this colour is AMAZING. Now the only reason I'm posting this is because it's available on eBay- that's where I purchased mine from. It comes in a set with a bright orange polish called ATOMIC. Check them out here.

This was with just one coat. And I apologise for the chip on my thumb and the blue thumb- looks gross but it's just blue food colouring. The polish dries pretty quickly to the touch- the train journey was about 40 minutes. When I got home I decided to stick a few rhinestones- these aren't really for nails, they're the ones you're meant to stick on phones which I received for a gift, but I've already got a case for my phone so thought I'd use them on my nails, and surprisingly they've stayed put for half a day!

Would you wear this colour?

Thanks for reading. ♥

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